Westonka Walleye Program

Westonka Walleye Program

The Westonka Walleye Program is a non-profit organization that is 100% funded from private donations. Their mission is to sustain and improve the harvestable walleye fishery on Lake Minnetonka. With approval from the MN DNR, and with private donations, they are stocking 8″- 13″ walleye in Lake Minnetonka. These fish are incremental to the DNR’s stocking program.

In their first 3 years, they have stocked close to 30,000 8″-13″walleye in Lake Minnetonka.

The Westonka Walleye Program stocks larger walleyes between 8″-13″. The larger walleye have a higher probability of reaching a harvestable size. By stocking larger size fish we hope to off-set the predator factor. It is estimated that 80% of DNR’s stocked (2″-6″) walleye are consumed by predator fish, while less than 10% of (8″-13″) walleye are consumed by predators. It is a lot more expensive to stock this larger size fish, about $2 per fish, but they will have a lot better chance of surviving. Giving anglers a better chance of catching them…

Lack of natural reproduction is a problem! It is estimated that as little as 5% of Lake Minnetonka’s walleye come from natural reproduction. Very few lakes in MN are naturally sustaining walleye fisheries. This is the result of damage to habitat by shoreline development and invasive species, the walleye is struggling to maintain in this ecosystem.

To learn more about the program, check out their website at: www.472fish.org